The Mount Athos Diet book, will be published by Vermilion/Random House in May 2014.

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About the Mount Athos Diet
Scientific research has found that the Greek Orthodox monks living in the isolated monastic community of Mount Athos have extraordinarily low rate of cancers, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and few are overweight. It is believed their diet is a key reason for this.

The monks grow and produce most of the food and wine they consume. They live a modest, spiritual life and their diet centres on home-grown seasonal produce, while animal proteins, oil and alcohol are rationed. The monks follow a pattern of Greek Orthodox fasting on alternate days when no fish, meat, eggs or dairy are eaten, olive oil is kept to a minimum and no wine is drunk. The monks are active with the chores of maintaining the monasteries, producing food and the regular long walks around the mountainous peninsular that has little transport.

This spiritual retreat and place of pilgrimage can only be visited by men, and writer and photographer Richard Storey is a frequent visitor. He is completely familiar with the monks’ way of life and with a desire to live more healthily he decided to incorporate the principles of their diet and regular exercise into his own life. He found that as a result he:

  • lost a steady pound in weight each week
  • halved his weekly intake of saturated fats, animal protein and alcohol
  • felt fitter
  • saved a hundred pounds a month in food and drink bills
  • felt none of the sense of deprivation commonly associated with standard ‘diets’.

This Mount Athos Diet plan is based on Richard’s adaptation of the monk’s diet, checked and detailed by dietitian Sue Todd, with recipes created by Lottie Storey.

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